MORE Creative Ways To Finish The Leftover Portion Of Your Gaffer Tape

Every once in a while, we like to provide our great customers with creative ways they can utilize Gaffer tape. When you purchase a roll of our gaffer tape, you may be pleasantly surprised at how long 30 yards actually is and may find yourself with plenty leftover. So what can you do with the rest of your roll? Here are more creative ways you can utilize our American Made Gaffer Tape.


  1. Artistic Expressions: Who needs expensive art supplies when you have gaffer tape? Explore your artistic side by creating intricate designs and patterns using different colors and widths of gaffer tape. Whether you're decorating your walls, crafting greeting cards, or adding flair to furniture, gaffer tape opens up a world of artistic possibilities without breaking the bank.

  2. Temporary Tattoos: Ditch the permanent ink and opt for temporary tattoos made with gaffer tape instead. Cut out your desired design, apply it to your skin, and voila! You've got a custom tattoo that's waterproof and easily removable. Perfect for parties, festivals, or simply expressing your unique style, gaffer tape tattoos are a fun and creative way to make a statement.

  3. Fashion Fixes: Fashion emergencies happen, but gaffer tape has your back. Whether it's a fallen hem, a gaping buttonhole, or a stubborn bra strap, gaffer tape can provide a quick and discreet fix to keep your outfit looking flawless. Plus, with its wide range of colors and textures, gaffer tape can even be used to add embellishments and accents to your clothing for a personalized touch.

  4. Outdoor Gear Repairs: When you're out in the wilderness, gear failures can put a damper on your adventure. But fear not! Gaffer tape is the ultimate outdoor companion, capable of patching holes in tents, fixing broken backpack straps, and even repairing damaged hiking boots. Lightweight, waterproof, and incredibly strong, gaffer tape ensures that nothing stands between you and your next outdoor escapade.

  5. Party Decorations: Planning a party on a budget? Let gaffer tape be your secret weapon for creating dazzling decorations that wow your guests. From streamers and banners to photo booth backdrops and balloon garlands, gaffer tape transforms ordinary party supplies into extraordinary works of art. Get creative with colors, shapes, and patterns to set the mood for a memorable celebration.

  6. Pet Accessories: Don't forget about your furry friends! Gaffer tape can be used to fashion custom accessories for your pets, such as DIY collars, harnesses, and even toys. With its durable construction and adjustable fit, gaffer tape ensures that your pets stay safe, stylish, and entertained without breaking the bank.

  7. Travel Essentials: Traveling light doesn't mean sacrificing convenience. Pack a roll of gaffer tape in your suitcase and discover its myriad uses on the road. From repairing luggage and securing loose items to creating makeshift shades and blackout curtains, gaffer tape turns any travel dilemma into a creative solution that keeps you moving forward with ease.


So there you have it. New ideas on how to use the rest of your roll. We hope these examples and others from previous blogs have helped you make the most of that surprisingly long American Made gaffer Tape roll Gaffer Power proudly provides.

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