Gaffer Power Console Labeling Tape, 1 Inch x 20 Yards

Gaffer Power Console Labeling Tape, 1 Inch x 20 Yards


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Labeling Tape, Color Coding, Console Tape, Printable with flexo inks, markers, pens and pencils. Clean and safe removal, Great sound and lighting boards and many other applications. 1 Inch x 20 Yards.

Real American Console Tape - Designed to label just about anything, from mixing boards, to lightning boards, keyboards, toolboxes, anything that needs labeling! Provides powerful tensile strength and removes completely clean!

Designed for flexographic printing. Used for printing packing materials, such as cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, paper bags, plastic bags, food packaging, catalogs, etc. This is what the professional’s use!

EASY TO UNWIND and the White color is PH Neutral. Grab your sharpie or marker and label anything as this tape provides the ultimate smooth surface to write on! You will LOVE this tape.

High edge tear resistance. This console tape won’t let you down! Often used for Arts & Crafts! This tape is just plain fun. With the paper backing, you have peace of mind when it comes to letting the kids use it to label their toys or projects!

WE USE OUR PRODUCT, WE KNOW OUR TAPES - We sell the best premium tape out there and if you're not satisfied, we back it up with a full refund. MADE IN THE USA - As any great quality adhesive should be! ORDER YOUR PREMIUM GRADE CONSOLE TAPE TODAY!

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