Real Professional Premium Grade Vinyl Floor Marking / Splicing Tape

Real Professional Premium Grade Vinyl Floor Marking / Splicing Tape


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  • INTRODUCING - DANCE FLOOR MARKING TAPE, easy to apply and highly conformable, perfect for gym floors and dance studios. Safely remove the adhesive with no residue! Perfect for short or long term use. With the vinyl backing, this tape is perfectly smooth on the surface, great for setting marks on the floor or boundaries.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE, no matter how hot things get in the studio, you can count on this tape. Satisfies all O.S.H.A marking requirements. PPP-T-66D, Type 1. The perfect marley tape! Proudly MADE IN THE USA
  • EASY TO RIP. Create lines for gym class with ease! Natural rubber resin Adhesive material guarantees strong adhesive and won’t be displaced no matter how much people are equipment run over it. GREAT resistance to moisture as well, so nobody is going to accidentally slide off when stepping on it.
  • SO MANY OTHER HOUSEHOLD USES. Certainly not limited to just gym floors, this tape is great for all sorts of repairs all over the house or office. Works on furniture such as couches, tables, pots, lamps, etc. Easily rip a the piece you need and apply it with ease.
  • RISK FREE - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We sell real professional gaffer tape and if you're not satisfied, we back it up with a replacement roll or full refund. You’ll receive a beautiful fresh roll, no mess, no hassle.
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