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Gaffer Tape - Black

What the pros use. Leaves no residue, easy to tear, strong, water resistant, secures your gear and cables with multiple professional and home uses. Lots of different sizes, our best selling premium product. The Cadillac of tapes!

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Gaffer Tape - Colors

Our Gaffers Tape is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Whether you need to secure cables, label video or photography equipment, hold down wires, seal boxes, or anything in between, our Gaffers Tape is the perfect tool for the job. With its residue-free removal and easy-to-tear design, our tape is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It is a beautiful and practical addition to any toolkit or workspace.

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Gaffer Tape - Fluorescents

Beautiful, flashy and vibrant, these fluorescent tapes come in a variety of striking colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow. Used for green screens, labeling, marking, DIY projects, artwork and just about anything you can image. Very high quality product, so many uses!

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"We've bought several rolls of both black and white hues of this tape (in the 2" width) and it works just as good gaffer's tape should. We use it for temporary cable rigging (and about 50 other purposes, it's just that handy!) in a beautifully restored historic building which is now a wedding and event venue. It's critical that whatever tape we use on the building's surfaces is strong with good adhesion as well sensitive when removed, as pulling up paint or finish is unacceptable. This tape hasn't had any of those negatives and we regularly will use any given piece of it half a dozen times before retiring it. It just flat works, is very strong in strength and adhesion and is reasonably priced to boot. Highly recommended."

The Tech Guy

"Awesome! Not like any other tape I've used. It sticks very well without being gooey or messy. I used it to hold down a door mat in my RV that kept creeping around. It's sticking perfectly to a combination of rubber, carpet and tile. I moved it last night to vacuum. It came up perfectly cleanly. Even more amazing, I pressed it right back down. I've not used tape before that performed so well on a RE-use. I also used it outdoors to seal a gap where my cable comes into the RV. I had to remove it after a month. It removed mostly cleanly. There was very little residual adhesive. I absolutely will buy this tape again."

T. Galle

"Our organization was having troubles finding a tape that could hold signage for our public meetings. Someone at our last meeting recommended we buy some Gaffer Tape as that would do the trick. I've tried it at home and it seems to be just what we needed. We don't have public meetings in the near future so couldn't test it there, but I'm fairly confident this is what we needed. Also, the seller has been in contact with me to make sure we are satisfied. Very good proactive customer service."

J. Macvoy