FAQ - Label Tape

What is Console tape?

Console tape is primarily used to indicate different sections on a soundboard to indicate different inputs. It is usually written on.

What is label tape?

Label tape is another name for console tape. However, be careful when purchasing. Label, or labelling, tape can also refer to specialized cloth or laminated tapes that can run through label makers.

What is Console Paper Tape used for?

Console tape is a type of adhesive tape that is commonly used in recording studios, film sets, and other production environments. It is designed to be easily removable and leaves little to no residue, making it ideal for temporary labeling, marking, and patching.

In recording studios, console tape is often used to label the channels on mixing boards and other equipment. It can also be used to mark cue points, notes, or other important information on scripts, lyrics, and other documents. Additionally, it can be used to patch cables or secure equipment in place.

Console tape is also commonly used on film sets to label and organize equipment, mark positions for actors, or block out unwanted light. It can also be used to create temporary signage or to mark off areas for safety purposes.

Why should I use console tape vs. masking tape?

Masking tape can leave a residue on sound boards and other surfaces, making it more difficult to remove. Console tape removes without leaving a trace of residue.

Where can I purchase Console Tape?

you can purchase our AMERICAN MADE Console tape right here