10 DIY Projects

10 DIY Home Projects To Do Over The Weekend

So, you’ve just signed the papers and bought a spanking new space. Naturally, the list of projects that you need to do is getting longer than your bank statement. Or maybe the home that you live in now looks a little dated and you do not have enough money to hire professionals for that much-needed renovation and face lift.

There are actually a lot of super easy do-it-yourself projects that can help in improving the overall look of your home and the great news is that they can be completed by amateurs in just a short period of time – weekend fun, anyone? Not sure how you can start doing something?

According to John Sylvestre, owner of a construction company in Minneapolis, almost anyone can do anything nowadays because YouTube has all the answers. However, he cautions that what might look like a simple project can easily escalate into something complex, especially if things go wrong along the way. Even with professionals, he adds, there are some unpleasant surprises that make things harder than how they actually are.

With this in mind, it is advisable to begin with knowing what your skill level is and getting on simple projects at first. Changing the towel bars, for instance, appears quite basic at first glance but whenever a plaster in the wall gets ripped, everything changes. Also, if you want to get your hands on plumbing, be wary that the process is harder and more complicated than it looks.

Considering all of these potential blunders, many people give up easily and take out one tool that is readily available – their cheque book!

Basic Tools

Before indulging on a task and getting your hands dirty, it is important to be aware of the few basic tools that every homeowner should have. These include joint and screwdrivers, an adjustable crescent wrench, a utility knife, tape measure, hammer, and an X-ACTO knife. For other projects which call for more expensive devices that you will end up using only once, considering renting or borrowing.

However, be wary that there are some decorating undertakings which will not even need you to pick up a screwdriver or hammer. You can easily freshen up a bedroom by changing the sheets and adding new accessories, rugs and towels to a bathroom. Also, changing the lamp shades or adding lamps plus experimenting with bulb colors can surprisingly improve any room’s look. Changing the window treatments or hanging artwork can also make a huge difference, although you might want to pick up a hammer in order to complete it.

Here are 10 DIY projects that will definitely be worth your while:


Painting Gaffer Tape

You have the option of painting your entire house or opting to just paint the exterior, interior or trim. Do you want new kitchen cabinets but cannot afford them? Try and paint the old ones. The important thing about painting is to be keen on the preparation, which includes taping and cutting. Always remember this crucial step when setting a deadline on how long the job will take.

Changing Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Change Kitchen Bathroom Hardware

If you want to revamp your bath or kitchen, this is the easiest activity that you can do. Prior to beginning, see to it that your new hardware will be suitable to fill old holes. To make sure, measure the distances between holes or bring your old stuff to the hardware or home improvement store.

Reorganize Your Closet

Reorganize Closet

There are plenty of closet organizing systems available at a store and they can easily be installed or you can also create a system of your own with shelving that is already available. The thing about reorganizing a closet is that you can do it at your own pace, at your own time.

Boost The Curb


For curb appeal, you can add a new mailbox or house numbers. You may also paint your garage door or font door if you want to and even plant some new shrubs and flowers.

Create a Mudroom

While many homes have hall closets where people can hang coats, that does not really take care of sporting equipment, shoes, backpacks and other items that your family just places at the entrance. With this in mind, you should consider removing some old closet doors and adding shelves or hooks to accommodate the needs of the whole family.

Update Existing Lighting Fixtures

Light Fixture Upgrade

What many homeowners fail to recognize is the fact that something as simple as lighting can make a huge difference. Because there are so many options out there, it is best to begin with the most basic ones. For instance, you can replace switch covers and electrical outlets with new ones.

Building a Brick or Stone Path Outside

In a lot of cases, the new look that you are trying to come by lies on building a new path. All you really need are some stand and stones. To cut out on the cost of the materials, you can look for stones over the Internet.

Replace Your Showerhead

Rainfall Shower head

Looking towards giving your simple and mundane bathroom a do-over? Achieve that spa-like ambiance by installing a rain showerhead. In this way, not only do you win aesthetically, you can also cut your water bill by installing a more efficient model. Make sure that you have some plumber’s tape to secure the threads before putting in the new one.

Adding Shelves, Pullouts and Organizing Tools in the Kitchen

Although adding shelves and pullout drawers may seem like a daunting task as it requires a few tools and skills, do not worry too much. There are actually a few hacks that can help you along the way. Insert a lazy Susan or some wire shelves to organize your spices and increase your storage capacity.

Take Out the Pressure Washer

It is time to wheel out the pressure washer and power-wash the outside of your home, walkway and driveway to remove mold, dirt and mud buildup. If this equipment is not available, you can also rent one or borrow from your neighbor.

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