15 Fun Ways To Use Reflective Tape For Practically Anything

Reflective tape is great for many purposes! You may be wondering... How can I use reflective tape? Or perhaps, why use reflective tape in the first place? Reflective tape is multifunctional and can be useful in helpful ways. It can be used for fun activities, emergencies, practicability, and more. This tape is durable and holds benefits that regular heavy-duty tape doesn’t. Reflective tape can be seen in the dark as an attention grabber or warning sign. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ways to use this wonderful tape!


  1. Running late at night? Patch a few pieces of reflective tape for greater visibility to cars driving by!
  2. Make reflective artwork! Create a surprise message by using reflective tape to create a picture or word. When light shines on it, it will be a surprise message.
  3. Mark your mailbox or house number to help out your local USPS or UPS delivery guy find your home in the evening hours.
  4. Highlight objects, like your trash barrels or basketball hoops at the edge of your driveway, to prevent them from getting hit!
  5. Similarly, to taping your clothes… use reflective tape on your bicycle to increase visibility!
  6. Mark your doorstep drop-off with a piece of reflective tape to prevent tripping when a good friend or even grandma leaves from a visit.
  7. Use reflective tape on your dog when taking them for a late evening walk.
  8. Tape down electrical cords for reflective safety to prevent tripping!
  9. Hunters can use reflective tape to guide members of their party back to the hunting stand. Hiking back to the woodwell-camouflaged hunting stands in the dark, reflective tape can be a good indicator of where the stand is located.
  10. Mark a stairway with individual strips of reflective tape to help people find their way.
  11. Even hem pants in an emergency! Fold the unhemmed end of pants inside the pant and tape with small pieces of reflective tape to secure.
  12. Decorate anything for a pop of glow-in-the-dark fun... Like a nerf gun or basketball hoop!
  13. Use reflective tape at the bottom edge of your garage door.
  14. A small piece of reflective tape is great on the side of cleats to track your favorite player!
  15. When in doubt use reflective tape as a DIY Lint Roller! When in need... The tape is a great lint roller!

 Now that you’ve read all the fun and practical ways to use reflective tape, are you ready to try it for yourself? It’s a great way to entertain all ages through reflective art and games, while still being practical for other purposes. I hope after reading 15 ways to use reflective tape, you feel confident in its functionality and purpose in your day-to-day life!