19 Fun Ways To Use Spike Tape For Any Occasion

Spike tape is a multifunctional tape that isn’t just for the stage! It can be used for fun activities, emergencies, and more! Spike Tape is more durable, colorful, and doesn’t leave residue like regular strong hold tapes. Though gaff tape is most widely used by those working on sets of camera and actors, Spike tape is truly for everyone! It’s multifunctional and durable for hard tasks of adulthood while still being a great way to entertain kids. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ways to use this wonderful multifunctional tape!


  1. Labeling: Spike tape can be placed on shelves, objects, cameras, etc., to decipher what is what.
  2. Make artwork: Spike tape can be used to make colorful artwork and is great for teaching in the classroom.
  3. Prevent Slippage: Tape the plug into an outlet to prevent slippage.
  4. Prevent microphone from becoming muted: by taping down the button to prevent access.
  5. Child proof outlets with a piece of Spike tape.
  6. Cover computer camera for those at home work days when you're just not quite feeling it.
  7. Strike a tripod, prop, or where an actor should stand.
  8. Stop a bird from visiting the wrong section on bird feeder by taping off a spot.
  9. Play hopscotch anywhere: Place colorful Spike tape in a hopscotch pattern for a fun game to entertain the kids.
  10. Secure a Tarp: Hold up a piece of tarp or flyer.
  11. Electrical cords: Tape down electrical cords to keep them neat.
  12. Organization: Color coordinate and organize anything.
  13. Prevent water damage: Attach plastic to a camera with Spike Tape to keep it dry on set.
  14. Safeguard Camera: Tape lens on a camera to prevent damage and scratches.
  15. Hem pants in an emergency: Fold the unhem end of pants inside the pant and tape with small pieces of Spike tape to secure.
  16. Decoration: Decorate anything for a pop of fun…like a hula hoop.
  17. DIY Lint Roller: When in doubt… tape is a great lint roller.
  18. Secure Staging Light:Secure gel to a stage light for a colorful stage.
  19. Quick sticky note: Close and seal boxes with strong hold Spike tape.

Now that you’ve read all the crazy and helpful ways Spike Tape can assist your daily needs, are you ready to try it for yourself? Spike tape also comes in various bright colors! Available in neon orange, pink, green, blue, and yellow. Get all your favorite colors in one purchase! It’s a great way to entertain all ages through art and games, while still being purposeful for heavy duty tasks like securing tarp!  I hope after reading 19 ways to use Spike Tape, you feel confident in its functionality and purpose in your day to day life.