Anti-Slip Tape: Your Next Safety Tool

Anti-Slip Tape: Your Next Safety Tool

While the cooler temperatures of fall may bring to mind drinking hot beverages and raking up the leaves, it’s a reminder that the sunniest days of the year are probably behind us, and the days will get a little greyer and darker. You’ll probably remind yourself to be a little more careful walking about, especially if you live in an area with lots of rain — it means there’s a lot of new opportunities where you can slip.


When you’re dealing with outdoor stairs, walkways, patios or other surfaces, a good thing to keep in mind is anti-slip tape. Whether at your home or if you own a business, putting a pathway, marked by anti-slip tape, is appreciated. Usually sandpaper with an adhesive backing, safe paths can be made by laying down strips. If you’re familiar with sandpaper and how its measured (grit), a tape with 80 grit rating is rough enough to provide traction, but smooth enough to not damage shoe bottoms or anything else dragged over it, like wheels. The gritty tape is the ideal choice for outdoor areas like piers, docks, pool stairs and other areas that are usually exposed to moisture. It’s most commonly used, however, on cement or wood stairs, ensuring users’ safety in even the most inclement weather.


As suitable as sandpaper is to prevent falls, it’s not exactly suitable for indoors. Think of where you might want a little extra grip where you stand — the top rung of a collapsible foot stool, in the shower where you stand — sandpaper isn’t what you want there, especially if you don’t wear shoes or slippers inside and you’re standing on it for a prolonged period of time. Our traction tape is an ideal solution that can be cut and fit to size, while providing a safe grip around the home. The clear tape is ideal for not creating a visual distraction while continuing to provide assurance to those in the home, especially for young children who may not be aware of their surroundings and individuals with mobility issues or have difficulty walking.


Anti-slip tape is the ideal choice to use instead of a mat — it will stay firmly in place, no matter what surface it is used on, and should a change be required, is easy to peel off and dispose of. It also requires less storage room than rolling out a mat every time it’s needed, and the tape will adhere edge to edge, ensuring there are no edges to trip on. Regardless of whether you choose sandpaper or the clear, traction variety, our anti-slip grip tape is suitable for wood, hardwood, metals, concrete, tile and vinyl laminate flooring, which makes is simple to use any area of the home, indoors or outside.


Besides the home, anti-slip tape is a great tape to have on hand at the workplace. Wet, outdoor areas aren’t the only places that slips and falls happen; other common accident sites include dusty workshop floors, kitchens and cooking facilities, ramps and uneven stairs. Keep the workplace safe and reduce injury by ensuring that everything that can be done to ensure a safe environment is completed.


When applying, ensure that the surface is clean and completely dry. Any extra moisture or debris trapped underneath the adhesive can impact how effective the tape sticks to a surface. Ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped underneath — this can cause edges to pop up, causing a tripping hazard and defeating the purpose of the anti-slip tape. It’s easy if you have a roller that can apply pressure while you lay the tape down, ensuring that the air is pressed out.

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