Bringing a Furry Friend Home? Consider Cat Training Tape

Bringing a Furry Friend Home? Consider Cat Training Tape

Considering adding a four-legged friend to your family for Christmas? While there are many concerns to keep in mind when bringing a new member of the family to your home, one thing that may get lost in the shuffle is the welfare of your furniture. Curious felines and energetic dogs will likely want to explore their new surroundings, especially with their paws. Since your new kitty might still be getting used to his or her claws, don’t be surprised if some of your furniture suddenly looks a lot more threadbare.


When you notice your cat (or dog) pawing away, it’s time to break out the cat training tape. This tape applies easily to any surface, including finished wood, suede, jacquard fabric and leather, and can be removed cleanly once it’s time. The main purpose of the cat training tape is not to protect your furniture but to deter your new furry friend from scratching away — the sticky sensation of the tape is unpleasant on the paws.


Once you’ve started to see what surfaces are more constantly attended to, you’ll want to clean it before applying the tape. Make sure the surface is dry to ensure a stronger bond between the tape and furniture. While not invisible, the transparency of the tape and a clean cut will reduce the chances of the tape being noticed. This tape isn’t just for the home, either -- any surface your pet is attracted to, including your nice car seats, is an ideal place to try the tape and stop your pet from scratching away.


This tape can also protect a variety of other surfaces, not just furniture. Due to its easy peel and stick, it’s a popular choice for other areas your pet may find interesting. Countertops, cabling, speakers and more — it’s easy to cut and stick. The tape is thin, belying its true strength, and also makes it ideal for uses in a quick fix situation where you need to mount or hold something. Since the tape is pet-safe -- made 100% non-toxic materials -- it’s also great for use for crafting and creating with the family. Whether it’s your littlest child or furry friend, they’ll be safe around this cat training tape.


Be proactive when it comes to adding a new friend to the family -- it’s much easier to buy a new roll of cat training tape than it is to buy a new couch! When you’re getting your first batch of supplies to welcome your new cat or dog home, it’s easy to pop a roll in and have it on hand. Besides, with the amount of general uses you probably have for double sided tape around the home, why not get a roll that can do it all? Save yourself the headache and save the furniture from damage; cat training tape is the simple, effective way to help you help yourself out when it’s time to reveal your latest Christmas gift.

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