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Most Important Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A complete toolbox is important for completing just about any job around the house – from hanging a simple artwork or picture frame to putting furniture together or doing some much-needed home renovation. What are the most basic tools that you should own?

How You Should Stock Your Toolbox

First and foremost, you should know how you are going to gather all the handy tools that you should own. Racking all of them at once can cost you thousands of dollars. This is the reason why the most practical way would be to buy all the basics (like a wrench and screwdrivers, for example) and add on any additional ones for a specific project that you want to do. Picking them up along the way assures you that you get a high quality brand and product rather than those that easily break or snap after just a few tries.

homeowners toolkit

Should you rent or buy? Think about the nature of the task at hand. If you are going to use a specific tool once, then definitely you should rent. However, if you think that an equipment can do you good and you are going to end up utilizing it for a few times in a year, then buying would be an excellent idea. Additionally, be on the lookout for sales, bargains and refurbished tools.

Finally, do not place your tools just anywhere in the house. Remember to put them back in one same place, whether it will be a drawer, a full-fledged workshop or a toolbox.

Philips Screwdriver

An X-shape or Philips screwdriver is perhaps one of the most common toolbox items. If you can get yourself a handle that makes use of interchangeable tips, then you would be able to cover different kinds of screw sizes and types.

Phillips Screwdriver

Flathead Screwdriver

A straight or flathead screwdriver is an invaluable tool; as almost light switches and plates make use of plain straight screws. Having a perfect flathead screwdriver will certainly make things easier for you, so begin with a set of small, medium and large tips to handle the many simple jobs.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is an indispensable device for calculating furniture sizes, floor plans, figuring out object placements and estimating quantities of materials. It is a great idea to always do the measuring more than once so that the margin for error will be minimized.

Tape Measure


Other people are excellent at eyeballing whether things are level or not, but this apparatus will take all the guesswork and incorrect answers away. Remember that it only takes a tiny error to make things look out of place.

Utility Knife

From basic jobs like cutting the paint around doors and windows, to opening big or small boxes, trimming the edges of rugs and carpets and scoring drywall, there are so many uses to the utility knife that you will be surprised how you have managed for so long without owning one.

Utility Knife


Tapping everything into place, crowbar action, pulling and pounding nails – it goes without saying that every homeowner needs to have a hammer. A good quality hammer is lightweight and long, plus the leverage will help you in taking down that big wall.

Nail Set

Nail sets are basically used for sinking a nail head below a wooden surface, so that you can go ahead and fill it with putty and eventually sand it, making the nail disappear. For those who do not like the appearance of an ugly dent caused by the nail on the surface that you are trying to pound, owning this is a must.

hammer nail set


Pliers have serrated jaws which help in holding things firmly, as well as with bending, pinching or pulling metal.

Power Drill

The word drilling immediately implies making holes and this tool is an ultimate luxury when an individual has already gone tired of putting in too many screws. Not only does it adapt to bore holes and drill bits, also to almost every type of screw-head, which makes big projects go by quickly without the need for much muscle.

In using this tool, be careful about stopping whenever the fastener is already tight because you might end up stripping the head. Never every skimp on this tool because you will appreciate its usefulness when you need lots of power.

Power Drill


A flashlight should never be taken for granted because some of the most urgent and necessary tasks happen in cramped and dark spaces, especially when there is no power. Aside from that, you can also elicit help from other members of the household by asking them to hold the light for you.

Step Tool or Ladder

Getting to the attic, stringing lights, trimming the hedge, changing the fixtures, reaching the light bulb and painting are just a few of the activities that need the help of a ladder in order to be completed.

Step Stool Ladder

Duct Tape

Duct tape has been considered as the ultimate tool to be used around the house, in the car, or even on a boat. It is durable and inexpensive and it boasts of a plethora or survival uses, too.

A lot of people have also been using it outdoors because it can serve as a sling, a drinking cup, rope, clothesline, fishing pole, and even as a spear.

Duct Tape

Gaffer Tape

Much like the duct tape, the gaffer tape has been regarded as a power tool because of its strength and versatility. It has taken on a few star turns and hardware stores have reported a huge run on this new product that has made its way through many households. The great thing about is that unlike duct tape, it does not leave off a sticky residue and can be removed easily.

Gaffer Power Tape

Whether you are already a seasoned worker or a rookie around the house, these are just a few basic tools that you need to be doing small jobs without breaking the bank for professional assistance!

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