Nine (Other) Ways to Use Electrical Tape

Nine (Other) Ways to Use Electrical Tape

You’ve probably had to buy a roll of electrical tape for one reason or another; whether it’s for a quick repair or you needed something a little stronger than masking tape, there’s a good chance you have a roll around the house. Provided you’re not an electrician, it’s also likely that the roll will start to crack and the tape will lose its effectiveness by the time you need to pull it out of the junk drawer again. So how can you put that tape to good use before the rubber starts to degrade?


Home and Family Uses

  • For athletes that use protective gear like shin guards, electrical tape is a great option to make sure that shin guards don’t slip. Keep a roll in your soccer bag and you’ll go through it in no time!
  • The rubber-based adhesive can also make it a viable option to create or patch up grips on sporting equipment or tools. Get a firmer grip in a pinch before you can get a proper repair done.
  • General quick fixes around the house can often be taken care of with electrical tape. Whether you’re trying to keep a plastic container together or repair a video cable adapter, you’re like to have a few uses for this tape as soon as you bring a roll home.
  • Makeshift labels are easy to make; tear off a strip of tape, then write on it in a permanent marker. Electric tape has a firm grip, so you can stick it almost anywhere and the label will stay.

Substitute for Other Tapes

  • In a pinch, electrical tape can be used as gaffer tape on set. The strong hold will keep cables in place, and can be written on. However, it is not as easy to peel off as gaffer tape, so be careful when using it on certain surfaces.
  • Electrical tape can also be a good pinch hitter for duct tape, depending on its use. While each strip is narrower and may not be able to cover the same amount of area, the weather and heat resistance make it a good option if you’re stuck.

Creative Projects and DIY

  • Electrical tape is often used in arts and crafts, either as the main feature or as a way to mask a surface. (Keep in mind that depending on the surface, electrical tape is not a substitute for masking tape!) One of the most creative ways is to make layered Easter egg designs for eye-catching patterns. The queen of everything home, Martha Stewart herself, has instructions here.
  • For larger scale projects, electrical tape can be used a way to liven up otherwise empty walls. From minimalist tiled Swiss crosses to more elaborate wall installations, electrical tape is a versatile way to create clean lines on any surface.  Check out Pinterest for some ideas!
  • For even larger ideas, electrical tape can make a great accent when paired with a protective coat. Think you have the patience to re-create a backsplash?

Whether you need it for a five-minute job or have five different projects in mind, electrical tape is versatile and dependable. Whatever else you have going in your life, picking up a roll of electrical tape is not going to be a waste; it’ll be gone from the junk drawer before you know it.

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