Tapes for the Toolbox

Tapes for the Toolbox

No matter if you rent or own your home, chances are that you’ve found yourself on the wrong end of the project and in need of a quick fix. Usually, you can trust that handy roll of tape you keep in your toolbox to keep things in order. For odd jobs, quick repairs and DIY projects, tape is simply indispensable.

Despite anecdotes and claims you may have heard about one roll fitting all roles, you’ll likely need multiple rolls of tape in your arsenal. Though this sounds like it takes up a lot of room, it’s better than any of the alternatives that come to mind; for instance, no one likes to scrape adhesive residue off a surface, peel away flaky paint you hadn’t meant to remove, or have a quick repair fail.

Your assortment might include all three of the kinds of tape below — having a multi-purpose arsenal will definitely bail you out on a few different occasions.

Gaffer tape is a multi-purpose tape used by audio and video professionals everywhere, including stage crews, lighting teams, videographers and photographers. If it’s good enough for the pros, though, it’s good enough for you. Though it may seem like having professional grade tape isn’t necessary, it’s great for tasks around the household like organizing cables, taping cords down and temporarily attaching light materials together. Since it’s easily removed and leaves no residue, it’s ideal to keep around the house to use for when you’re not sure how long you’ll need it.

For something a little more familiar and heavy duty, duct tape is both versatile and popular. Known for its durability and water resistance, this heavy-duty tape is an essential part of any emergency kit. If you live in an area prone to weather disasters like hurricanes, it’s likely you have a couple rolls stocked up already. For those that just keep it around for everyday use, it’s great to help label, mark off areas, and quickly repair items before they can be replaced.

Though duct tape does give off a slight reflection (when it’s silver), reflective tape is also handy to have around. Primarily used for safety, it’s great to draw attention in places with limited light. If you don’t need industrial safety gear but still want to be seen at night, reflective tape is great to have on hand. Put an x or several lines on bags, backs of jackets, and other clothing and accessories to make sure you’re seen.

For more specific projects, there are other kinds of tape as well. Painters’ tape, packing tape, double sided and more; while specialized, they’re no less important to have. When you’re about to undertake any job or task, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools to get the work done right.

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