The Basics of Bookbinding tape and Fun Ways To Do It

The Basics of Bookbinding tape and Fun Ways To Do It

Are you a book lover, a teacher, or a parent? You may be surprised how important bookbinding is. Today we are diving deep into the world of bookbinding! How can bookbinding help me? What is it used for? What are we waiting for.. Let’s explore the basics of bookbinding and more!

brown bookbinding tape

Why Bookbinding?

 Bookbinding restores and saves valuable books and notebooks from daily wear and tear. Teachers love bookbinding tape because it saves their class library books and their student’s notebooks that fall apart over the year.

 Gaffer Power’s bookbinding tape leaves no residue or mess, it’s easy to tear but won’t lose its stronghold grip with temperature changes. Gaffer Power is a high-quality brand looking to make your life easier. It’s made in the USA, acid-free, and archival safe!

Here are a few easy things that Gaffer Power’s Bookbinding tape can do for you:

  • Restore antique books
  • Make your own Composition notebook at home
  • Tack together your child’s favorite book that has been worn down over time
  • Preserve your favorite books & notebooks

Bookbinding tape is a better alternative to duct tape with its cloth backing. It’s flexible, soft, and allows for handling.

 New to Bookbinding? No worries! Here is the simple method of repairing any book or creating a DIY notebook

A Simple method to repairing your favorite book and/or creating a DIY notebook:

  • Step One: Choose your cover and paper or worn out book of choice. 
  • Step Two: make sure to stack papers to the same size and in correct order!

  (If you are making your own DIY notebook, make sure to staple the spine of your notebook before securing with bookbinding tape)

  • Step Three: place the bookbinding tape on the front of the book covering the front cover.
  • Step Four: Wrap the book binding tape around the spine to the back cover page.
  • Step Five: Cut the excess tape hanging over the top and bottom of the notebook/or book.
  • Secure clear book binding tape on the inside of the front and back cover pages.

 bookbinding tape

Voilà! You’ve officially repaired your book and/or created your own DIY notebook! Inspired to start your experimental journey with bookbinding tape? Make sure to pick up Gaffer Power’s strong hold bookbinding tape in a variety of colors and styles! I hope this blog has inspired you to be creative in ways to incorporate bookbinding tape into your everyday life.

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