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Gaffer Power

Gaffer Tape, 2 Inch x 30 Yards - Fluorescent Yellow

Gaffer Tape, 2 Inch x 30 Yards - Fluorescent Yellow

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Gaffer Power Gaffer Tape Fluorescent Yellow - 2 Inch x 30 Yards

PREMIUM FLUORESCENT YELLOW GRIP TAPE for Industry Professionals working on TV/Film sets. your gear, cables, and surface are safe and intact- Whatever you use Gaffer Power on, it holds it down solid but is very easily taken off, leaving no stickiness. The adhesive will not peal back up. Your gear, cables or whatever surface it is used on will remain protected and undamaged.

NON-REFLECTIVE, EASY TO RIP AND TEAR - Using your yellow tape on set or stage? No worries, it blends discreetly in the background, you won't even know it's there; need just a few inches, or several little sticks? No sweat and no scissors needed here. Very easily rips in two, three, four or more.

BRIGHTEN UP A ROOM – GREAT FOR DIY PROJECTS! Have fun with this very bright fluorescent tape; babies identify with bright colors - take a few strips of your new yellow Fluorescent tape and place it on your child’s wall. It will encourage their creativity! AMAZING for Bachelorette parties - That’s right, make funny t-shirts using this tape. Designs and words can be changed as the night goes along! Make a hilarious night even funnier with your bright yellow gaffer tape.

MANY HOME APPLICATIONS – Label your boxes, doors, mark your floors, brighten up your walls, Make a bracelet out of it, tie up bundles; make your suitcase handle, Throwing a party? makes for great decorations!

WE USE OUR PRODUCT, WE KNOW OUR TAPE – and we back that up with a no-questions-asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not happy with our gaffer tape, we’ve got you covered with a replacement roll and/or full refund. Order yours with total peace of mind.

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