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What sizes and color does your gaffer tape come in?
We produce many different colors and sizes of gaffer tape! See here for our full product line.

Will you be adding more varieties of size and color?
Yes, we are always looking to expand our product line to accommodate our customers and are open to suggestions!

What’s the difference with Gaffer tape and duct tape?
It’s just as strong and powerful but gaffer tape leaves no sticky residue and can be easily removed from whatever it’s taped to. Check out the comparison in our video section.

I’m looking to use this tape outdoors, how will the weather effect it, i.e. what if it gets wet?
If the tape is applied to a clean, dry surface its perfectly suitable for the outdoors. Once the tape is applied, its okay if it gets wet. Just remember though we don’t recommend using gaffer as a permanent solution.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Sure do. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you every cent. But this is great quality gaffer tape, we’re certain you’ll be happy.

What’s the tape’s tech specs please?
Backing: Matte-Finish Vinyl Coated Cloth
Adhesive type: rubber
Total Thickness: 11 mils/11.5 mils
Adhesion to Steel: 50 oz/in
Tensile Strength: 42 lb/in

Is it waterproof?
Absolutely, as good gaffer tape should be! Water will not penetrate the tape. However, if the tape is exposed to excessive amounts of water, inevitably the adhesive will lose its grip.

Will the gaffer tape stick to my ceramic bathroom tiles?
Yes, definitely! As long as the ceramic bathroom tiles are completely clean and dry before you apply the tape.

Can you re-use the tape after it’s been peeled off?
Yes, you can, that’s what makes gaffer tape so great. But something to keep in mind, for a nice clean look or for something important, it’s best to use a fresh piece of tape. And if you have used the gaffer on carpet etc, it may not be as effective for a second use due to it picking up fluff, dust and fibres.

Can I apply the tape to my garden hose? Will it leak?
As long as you apply a sufficient amount of the tape, making sure the hose is clean and dry when the tape is applied, it is stuck flat without creases, and you don’t turn the tap on full, then it should be okay. Just remember that gaffer isn’t intended as a permanent fix.

Can you use this gaffer tape on an outside vinyl awning and does it have UV protection?
There is no UV protection but the tape will definitely stick to a vinyl awning.

Can the tape be used in cold temperatures/snow?
The cold and snow shouldn’t affect the tape.  As long as it’s applied to a clean, dry surface, once the gaffer has been applied with a strong seal then it will hold firm and is okay to get wet. Just remember that gaffer isn’t intended as a permanent fix, but it will last for quite awhile.

Where is the tape made from?
Our Gaffer tape is manufactured directly in the US.

Can I use my gaffer tape to repair a frayed/split (cracked) computer cord?
In theory yes, but you're better off buying a new cable.

Can you use it to repair damage on a leather sofa?
Although it will cover the damage and stick to the leather, it depends on how much the sofa is used.  Gaffer tape is not meant to be pulled/tugged because this can affect the residue rubbing off, so if the damage is in an area where it will be pulled i.e. when the sofa is sat on, then possibly this will not be the best solution.

Why are you selling it through Amazon?
Amazon takes care of all our fulfillment center needs. They ensure that our products are delivered quickly and efficiently.

I have the tape and I have items, like my racketball racket that I want to apply tape on, but before I do I am wondering will the glue seep out?
You can use it on all sorts of rackets and it will be fine with no glue or residue seepage.

I want to use the tape to hold pieces of stained wood together while the glue dries. Will the tape affect the staining or leave adhesive on the wood?
While there won’t be any adhesive on the wood, we suggest you do a test run on a small, tucked away section of the wood, just double check and make sure you get the results you want for your project. Good luck!

Do you sell in large quantities?
That can certainly be arranged. Please contact us and we’ll make something work.

I have a question that’s not answered here, can I contact you?
It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you may have, you can ask away here.