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Q & A With Rock Band 'The Heroine'

At Gaffer Power, we love hearing about all the different ways our customers use gaffer tape to make their lives easier and when we first heard from Lynwood of The Heroine, he sent us this amazing shot of our white gaffer tape being used around their microphone and couldn’t resist getting to know him a bit more!

A few weeks later, here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with a rock n roll band from southern Texas. If you’re interested in learning about their tips for young musicians, what their future looks like and their favorite way to use gaffer tape on a show, keep on reading!

Rockband The Heroine

How did The Heroine start and when?

“The Heroine started in 2006 with a set goal of writing timeless music and bringing a stage performance to match. The Heroine was a group of friends that knew each other for many years, even played together in other bands. This group of guys had common goals of writing music, touring, and pushing through doors that consistently closed shut. The original 5 in The Heroine (Lynnwood King, The Kidd, Gulie, Johnny Lightning, and DD King) set out to do it all and refused to take “no” for an answer. After eight years of touring and grinding the original lead guitarist, “DD King”, was unable to continue with the band. That lead The Heroine to welcome it’s newest member in the summer of 2014, “Lil’ Juice”. The Heroine’s drive is still as strong as the day it started.” – The Kidd GUITARS

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of a southern Texas rock band?

“Touring and playing some fast, in your face, southern rock and roll! It’s the adrenaline of performing high energy rock shows and letting loose on stage that really is rewarding and therapeutic in its own way. – David ‘Lil Juice'” – Arias Jr GUITARS

Rockers The Heroine

Do you have any advice for young musicians who want to pursue a similar career?

“Yes. Follow your instincts and allow yourself and your band mates to explore who they are as artists and performers. Rehearsals should not only be a place where you perfect your songs it should also be a place you explore your abilities and perfect your show. Don’t be so critical with your band mates as they explore their voice, riffs or song ideas. Something as crazy as throwing a mic stand around or gaff taping the thing could totally make for a good show. I think that’s one of the key ingredients to our success as a band no ever rolls their eyes or puts each other off when it comes to our time working in rehearsals. We practice like we perform leaving it all out. And if someone is stretching themselves creatively we support it. We give it room to breathe and grow. You guys should all be confident to try new things around each other.

Another one is don’t be afraid to tour. The Heroine started touring our first few months of being a band. I think we actually hit the road the first month we were together. I’ll have to confirm with my band mates but yeah I’m pretty sure that is right.

Man I could go on and on but I’ll wait for my first book deal!! 😂😂😂.” – Lynnwood King HIMSELF

What does the future of The Heroine look like?

“The future is looking very exciting. We are in the process of writing new music for our upcoming CD yet to be titled, the new music we are anxious to get it released. We have a tour planned for late Oct, early Nov which will have us traveling mostly through the Midwest. Early 2017 we will be main support for a full on national tour. So we definitely stoked about it.” – Wesley “The Gülie” Vargulish BASS

The Heroine Gaffer Tape

What’s the most convenient role gaffer tape plays on a show for you guys?

Gaffer tape is the best ever, We use it for almost anything whether it be to hold our wires or pedals in place or dampening the drum heads.I see it as a “fix-all” for touring bands it doesn’t leave residue like other tapes do and holds really well!!” – Johnny Lightning DRUMS

The Heroine is a soulful, high energy, southern rock n roll band from San Antonio, Texas. Keep in touch with them online:

facebook: LynnwoodKing

twitter: @LynnwoodKing

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