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Q & A with Hannah Hogan, the Comedian

At Gaffer Power, we’re all about creating a space for people to share their ambitions, work and in this case, comedy skits! Meet Hannah Hogan, actress, stand-up comedian and writer originally from Canada and now based in Nashville, Tennessee. She was voted “The Funniest Person in The World” by her brother in pre-school and has spent the rest of her life trying to live up to this truly stressful title.

Hannah Hogan

Hannah is quite a “Road Dog” (cool industry term). While she lives in Nashville, she is often driving down the interstate heading to her next gig. When she is not working at her home club at Zanies in Nashville, she is making people laugh at other great venues across North America.

Prior to moving to America, Hannah achieved much success as an actor and TV writer in Canada. She starred in the City TV comedy series Meet the Family and after her stellar performance in the first season of the show, she was hired to write and star in the second season. Hannah was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Writing in a Comedy Series for her work in the City TV series. Hannah is a Canadian Comedy Award Winner for her performance in the hit YTV sketch comedy show, That’s So Weird, which aired for three critically acclaimed seasons. Early in her career, Hannah was hired by Yuks Yuks in Canada, where she was invited to perform at Just For Laughs 42, on the showcase show  “New Wave of Comedians”.

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We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with her and if you’re interested in learning more about Hannah, read on to find out everything from what she can’t live without to how she uses gaffer tape!

What was it like growing up as the funny sibling?

Growing up funny was a huge responsibility. To be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t received more thank-you cards from the kids I grew up with. I single handedly turned birthday parties into r-rated, Vip events and it was all pro-bono.

I grew up in the middle of no where and half the kids didn’t even have tvs let alone personalities – they needed my fire! I’d storm in with some wacky character and kick their party up a notch. I put my brothers on the map just by me being their sister.

Do you prefer acting or being behind the scenes?

I would much rather get credit for creating something than starring in it, but in a perfect world I would like to star in something I created. Also in a perfect world, actresses would never age.

What most often influences your comedy?

I wish my life didn’t influence my creative process as much as it does, but I am totally a confessional comedian. It’s probably because I’m so self involved, but I have a hard time writing about anything other than my life. I’m not jerry seinfeld with observational humor, I’m like anne frank- just complaining all the time.

What do you miss most about canada?

The common sense.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in nashville?

I love going to broadway and the honky tonk because there is no where to park, drunk hillbillies get in knife fights and the drinks are twice as expensive. Just joking, my favorite place is in my bed watching the latest episode of nashville. This is 2017, why experience the city I live in when I can just watch it on netflix instead?

Three things you absolutely cannot live without?

1) the warm tennessee sun on a dewy spring morning
2) the comfort of knowing that no matter if I am successful or not my
Family will always love me.
3) waffle house

Is there a comedian that you really admire? If so, who and why?

I admire Dusty Slay, ( he made me write this!!!) Dusty works hard, is very talented and he doesn’t care about fame. He reminds me of myself, actually. Maybe I’m just really into myself? Yeah, I’m crushing it.

Best piece of advice given to you, ever?

“You already got the gig, so stop trying so hard.”

This was a big one for me! I try so hard all the time, but the second I relax is when I can actually just be myself. The problem is that my true self is insecure and anxious, so it’s a vicious cycle.

What are some of the biggest mistakes new comedians make?

The biggest mistake I made was thinking all my peers were my competition, and thus, my enemies. When I was 20, I remember never wanting to be friends with other female comedians, and then stupidly dating shady male comedians so I found myself in this spot where I felt like everyone hated me. But I was just this country girl who had no idea how show business works, plus I drank too much. Now I know how to handle myself: be nice to everyone, go to parties and only have sex with someone if they can help your career.

What is one of your more embarrassing memories?

When I told my dad I was gay, and then retracted it.

Have you ever used gaffer tape?

Dude. Everyone uses gaffer tape! Any one who doesn’t use gaffer tape is nuts. I used it last night to hang up some photos and then apprehended my boyfriend with it for some late night fun. It’s so diverse. Five stars!

Learn more about what Hannah Hogan is up to here: www.hannahhogancomedy.com

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