Adam Lolacher

Q & A With Canadian Producer/Writer/Actor of “MEDIC”

Our first venture into Canadian territory includes a special interview with Adam Lolacher, a producer, writer and actor that is currently based in Canada and is the mastermind behind the short film, Medic. If you’re interested in taking a sneak peek behind the scenes with a Canadian producer and want to learn about what it takes to go from acting to writing, keep on reading!

You are currently based in Vancouver, BC but want to relocate to Los Angeles in the future, what’s your favorite thing of the two cities?

“In Vancouver I love the relaxing, kicked back vibe. Always a great park to hang out in. As for LA, I love the fact that it’s beautiful but you have to pound the pavement and hustle. I like fast paced environments.”

What sort of projects do you have on the go with Special Lil’Angel Pd?


“Other then MEDIC, I am currently writing a Feature Film that will be set in the southern USA. Definitely a character driven drama. It’s my passion project! I’m also working on a small, indie short film that takes place in a coffee shop with no dialogue and there will be no budget. I’d like to see what I can do for no money.”

Do you have any tips for others who want to go from acting to writing films?

“Tips: Hustle and make sure you know this is the profession you want to do. Get into class and study with a solid teacher. Act in student films and indies and maybe get behind the camera and work a crew gig. Any experience is valid. Live life.”

How has gaffer tape saved you while working on a shoot?

“I cut my fingers once on set and we didn’t have an band aids so enter the Gaffer Tape!”

Pass it forward! Who in the industry inspires you and why?

“I definitely look up to Larry Moss. A great teacher and great man who inspires and makes you want to get better and tell the story. I’d have to say Gary Oldman has been a huge influence, especially his earlier work. Very intense and specific work. And anyone who’s in the biz creating and working. It’s a tough game but if you have passion and honesty I’m a big fan!”

More about Adam Lolacher: Adam was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. With a promising basketball career ahead of him, an injury forced him to sit out most of his Senior year in high school, turning him to Drama class and his new passion. A University of Ottawa Theatre graduate, Adam split his time between Toronto and Vancouver, working across Canada on the stage and in Film/TV. Selective TV credits include: Supernatural, Smallville, Stargate:Atlantis, Being Erica, Murdoch Mysteries and Once Upon A Time. A character actor at heart, Adam continuously looks for the next challenge of improving himself and his craft. Throughout his young career, he has studied with mentors: Warren Robertson, Ben Ratner, and Larry Moss. In 2013, he won a Leo Award for his performance in “Plating” and created his first produced/written short film, “Medic.” Adam resides in Vancouver, with plans of moving to LA in 2017.

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