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Q & A With Percussionist Meg Thomas

Photo credit: Michelle Heyden

At Gaffer Power, we’re crazy about our customers and the work they do as industry professionals! Meet Meg Thomas, a percussionist and drummer that has performed in musical realms that range from rock to calypso, avant-garde to spoken word, latin-jazz to punk, and dance ensembles to percussion ensembles.

Meg has acquired years of performance, recording and teaching experience as well as having toured the U.S. and Europe. In addition to having obtained a degree in Music, performing in a wide spectrum of musical settings has helped contribute to her creativity and unique approach to each new musical endeavor. Her drum and percussion set-ups range from the traditional ideas to unique set-ups that incorporate a vast range of percussion instruments.

Meg won runner-up “Rising Star Percussionist” in Drum! Magazine’s 2010 Drummie Awards and was named “Musician of the Month” for January 2013 by the Chicago Music Guide. If you’d like to get to know her a bit better and learn about how she got started working as a percussionist, what the most memorable moment has been in her music career and how she uses gaffer tape to help her in her performances, keep on reading!

How did you get started working as a percussionist?

“I have always loved music since I can remember. My parent’s and sister always had music on – whether it was my dad in the garage, my mom working in the store they own (Mansfield General Store), or hanging with my sister some place. I have also always been interested in unique sounds . . . from anything. I still enjoy using something ordinary as an instrument. New sounds can be born all the time. I don’t think I necessarily chose drums and percussion; rather, it chose me.”

Meg Thomas

Photo credit: Michelle Heyden

What’s been your most memorable moment in your music career and why?

“Really it’s any time someone comes up to me and says that I have touched them, inspired them, or evoked a positive memory. I am passionate about what I do and hope that translates into some type of positivity for others.”

If you could sum up life as a percussionist in three words what would they be?

“Challenging. Fulfilling. Expressive.”

How has gaffer tape played a role in your performances?

“I have used gaffer tape to save the day in the case of musical equipment emergencies, to secure signage, and to ensure safety on stage by taping down cords and cables without making a mess. It’s really great tape. It’s strong but does not leave residue when you remove it, so you can safely use it on anything!”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“I draw inspiration from a lot of things around me: visual art, nature, other musicians, movies, plays, dance shows. People being creative and the beauty of nature.”

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